Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday August 28, 2016

"Why can't you leave me to my enjoyment, human?" #maolife #catlife

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Truth be told, I've since long forgo receiving any words of gratitude for my efforts - be it online or offline - but having the silly girl choose to sleep in the box I made her, leaves me with an overwhelming sense of achievement and that comforts me more than anything I'd imagine, actually. I've always felt "actions speak louder than words" and have tried to live my life as such, although ironically the past few years had been a constant struggle to be able to stab by such a notion with my constant lack of physical and financial ability, but this is what "life" has dealt me, and I will continue to life thru them, and relish whatever little joys that greet me - like seein the cat in a box this Sunday afternoon :) #maolife #catlife #henglife

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Her appetite ah, aiyoh! Constantly hungry, will eat almost anything but not necessarily finish everything ... as sickly as this silly girl is, she is also picky on what she eats, so there's no way to pull a quick one over her LOL



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