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Monday August 29, 2016

Monday #Maolife! She's so skinny and weak :( #catlife

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#maolife #catlife

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Every Monday we have a "caretaker" that comes into our house, to do the vacuuming, mopping of floors, and general cleaning duties. And for a long time, Mao constantly hides away, totally out of sight, which we all assume is her fear of the sound of the vacuum cleaning machine's din when switched on and used.

For the past few weeks, Mao no longer hides, and could be seen perched in her sofa spot, staring at the caretaker auntie's movements - eyes wide open and alert! The past couple of weeks, Mao has turned quite nonchalant to her existence.

Today, Mum carried her (lying in her carton box) to the sofa, to be raised from the floor as auntie mops it ... the cat probably did not like the idea, and jumped down from the sofa, as weak as she is ... not too long after, when the cleaning begun, Mao probably senses the need to be on a raised surface, and came back to the sofa, where Mum carried her back up, and where she slept for the entire day!

It was only until the evening time, when Cindy returned, and whole we ate dinner, did she wobbly jumped off the sofa, and casually walked back to her box in the kitchen.

Time now is 12:13AM on a Tuesday morning, and Mao has decided to sleep in the bathroom, lying on the bare ceramic tiles ... not flinching as I pet her head, but not focusing as much either, choosing to literally looking away ... I think she is in pain, but she does not "meow" about it ... Mao is a strong cat, although sometimes a scaredy cat, but stubborn in her ways, and stoic in her decisions. I don't know what to do for her, except sayang her, before leaving her alone in her spot.

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