Sunday, August 28, 2016

Friday August 26, 2016

This is the second visit to the vet this week, to give her a 5-minute IV Drip (which cost over $25 this visit), which is frankly doing her wonders. The vet had commented earlier during her first visit (on Wednesday) that she was "dry", and that we were to return every other 2 days to give her the IV Drip treatment.

She had been pretty grumpy this trip tho. Growling endlessly, very unhappy indeed. She even pissed the table top where she was out on for her IV Drip treatment. No doubt scared as well, but it was a 5-minuter and off we go!

I've haven't been able to grab her, as I have physical problem with bending down on my knees, so Mum has been catching her since Wed, without issue ... but today, since she's gotten a bit feistier and more energy, she nearly bit mum too! Looks like next Monday/Tuesday's IV session might be a challenge :(

She seems to be more awake, and as well energy level higher ever so slightly, and am getting her appetite back, quite ravenously so too! Must be the canned liver food / feed gotten from the vets! Regretted I did not getting more cans (two cans lasted 2-3 days only, oh gosh the hungry girl!).


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