Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

Maomao not happy vetvet pokepoke her today :p #catlife #maolife

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Today was the 3rd visit to the vet, where Mao underwent “fluid therapy”, and an additional Hartmanns Solution and Vitamin B12 injection. She really dislikes being poked with a hugeasslong needle - as would any human being, I suspect - where liquids are physically injected into her skin, as the vet had found her to be extremely “dry”. Silly girl has not been drinking enough, alas.

Vet has suggested that we inject her ourselves, possibly to save on costs, and when queried “how long do we do this?”, he’s answer was “long term”, which understood is to the day she passes … understandable as we have currently chosen not to euthanize our Mao.

And less the 10-minutes we are done, and a cab ride home later, we spent less than a hour out, and the silly girl is ravenous for the canned “Hills Canine A/D” food! Funnily enough, once I opened the cage (where we carried her in), she came out and went to meow at me for food - which either proves the liquid inject works, or that she is smart enough to know gong to the vet - while painpain - also meant yummy food! And she nom-ed on the canned food immediately when I opened it up LOL

Silly girl … meowing so tenderly these days, and both mum and I are able to pet her comfortably, whereas in the past she would immediately snap at us, for the past decade too! Diva cat! Silly cat… xoxoxoxox


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