Tuesday, July 19, 2005

cats and dogs ah... *sigh*

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UPDATED December 10th 2015:

I started this blog in July of 2005, with the specific purpose of featuring the Heng Family's cat ("MAO") and dog ("DINO"), and had lapsed but for a couple of home made and edited videos since posted ... there were actually much more, but were since lost when my desktop went bust years ago, and although back-ups are/might be in ZIP discs, sadly I no longer have ZIP-Disc Readers to read them off of!

Much has happened since 2005 ... our beloved DINO has since passed on, due to extreme health issues, and MAO even went "missing" for a good few months when she slipped out of the house one day, but had since returned home, and developed a bond and closeness to my sister, just like our dog Dino would have too!

Dad had passed before the cat left the house - Mao was extremely close to dad too - so perhaps she went looking for him? I guess we will never know ...

I love our cat, but I don't think she does me ... nevertheless, I'll continue to take and post pics of her on my Instagram ... and perhaps upload images of Dino as well, in remembrance of her, the sweetest dog in the world :)


P/S: The above image was created as a mast-head banner for this blog when it first launched.

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