Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sept 8, 2016 - RIP Maomao

She gasped her last today at around 3pm, lying on the table in the vet’s consultation room, surrounded by her family who loves her. As mum, sister Cindy and I said our goodbyes and sayang the lil’girl, we reminisce about the recent past, of our times with her.

The last I saw her with her tiniest of meow, was around 11am this morning, as she laid in the toilet, where she had chosen to be for the past week or so (on and off). Mum was the last to see her meow back at around 1pm, when she gave Mao her lunch - which her appetite had been off since last night, having been a hungry beast the past week!

She was lifeless shortly after that, after mum had taken a pic of the girl and whatsapp us, and Cindy felt she had gone and had me checked on her.

I panicked when Mao did not respond. I essentially lost my sense of composure and frantically scrambled to put the girl in her box, so that we would bring her to the vet, to confirm her death, as asked by my sister - whom by then was seeking to take leave from work, to meet us at the vet.

Bye bye Maomao, bye bye ... We love you :( #maolife #catlife

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As I carried her (what I thought to be) life-less body into the cardboard box I made her (and in turn put her inside her traveling box), her eyes closed and body unmoving, neither breathing nor reacting to my touch.

All these years, I have sadly been unable to carry or cradle her, she does not like it, even when I tried to carry her off the sofa just the very day before too, still growling at the bearded chinese guy hahah silly girl … but tis okay, I still loved her in my own way :)

Putting her body into the box today, would be the very first time I have carried her whole, and it was to be my last.

I am holding back the emotions at the floodgates as best as I can right now, but felt I needed to chronicle this, at this moment, so I cannot forget.

Bringing her to the vet, upon reaching the carpark, I peeped into the box, and realised her eyes were open, unlike earlier when I put her in her box, eyes shut!

Once the vet took her out of the cage/box, they’d mention she was still alive, but barely! That instant I had flashbacks to just a scant few minutes earlier, when I told my sister on the phone, that she was gone and we should call the Pet Cremation Services instead of bringing her to the vet … the wash of guilt and regret over me, is something that will stay with me for sometime … but now, it was to spend time with Mao! Screw that self-guilt-trip!

We spent the next hour or so, sayanging the cat, looking at her straight in her face, comforting her, seeing her short gasps ever so breaking our hearts, until the moment we let her go, with all of us surrounding her, looking at her, as her eyes dilated to the charming pretty girl that we remember her to be, as she gasped her last breath. She never did meow a peep til the end though, but in our hearts, her gentle "meow", will be ever etched in my mind.

Goodbye Mao Mao. Dad and Dino is waiting for you to play with you, and continue to love you. Don’t bully Dino too much tho, Dad will love you both :)


Friday, September 02, 2016

September 2, 2016

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She tried to jump on the chair and unto the table to nom at my bao breakfast (something she constantly did when she was healthy and fine not too long ago), but could hardly take the jump these days…

Then she tried jumping unto her sofa spot, to catch the sun, but you could visibly see she did not have the strength to...

I carried her up to her fav spot now where she is napping in the sun... She's so frail and weak now... As heartbroken as I am, I can not imagine how she would feel, how disappointed and sad she must be :(

Through her pain, she has not meowed loudly nor made any noise in pain. She is a strong meow meow who keeps her pain and anguish quietly to herself.

Is Maomao Sleeping?

Is Maomao sleeping? #maolife #catlife #catinabox

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

Maomao not happy vetvet pokepoke her today :p #catlife #maolife

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Today was the 3rd visit to the vet, where Mao underwent “fluid therapy”, and an additional Hartmanns Solution and Vitamin B12 injection. She really dislikes being poked with a hugeasslong needle - as would any human being, I suspect - where liquids are physically injected into her skin, as the vet had found her to be extremely “dry”. Silly girl has not been drinking enough, alas.

Vet has suggested that we inject her ourselves, possibly to save on costs, and when queried “how long do we do this?”, he’s answer was “long term”, which understood is to the day she passes … understandable as we have currently chosen not to euthanize our Mao.

And less the 10-minutes we are done, and a cab ride home later, we spent less than a hour out, and the silly girl is ravenous for the canned “Hills Canine A/D” food! Funnily enough, once I opened the cage (where we carried her in), she came out and went to meow at me for food - which either proves the liquid inject works, or that she is smart enough to know gong to the vet - while painpain - also meant yummy food! And she nom-ed on the canned food immediately when I opened it up LOL

Silly girl … meowing so tenderly these days, and both mum and I are able to pet her comfortably, whereas in the past she would immediately snap at us, for the past decade too! Diva cat! Silly cat… xoxoxoxox


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monday August 29, 2016

Monday #Maolife! She's so skinny and weak :( #catlife

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#maolife #catlife

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Every Monday we have a "caretaker" that comes into our house, to do the vacuuming, mopping of floors, and general cleaning duties. And for a long time, Mao constantly hides away, totally out of sight, which we all assume is her fear of the sound of the vacuum cleaning machine's din when switched on and used.

For the past few weeks, Mao no longer hides, and could be seen perched in her sofa spot, staring at the caretaker auntie's movements - eyes wide open and alert! The past couple of weeks, Mao has turned quite nonchalant to her existence.

Today, Mum carried her (lying in her carton box) to the sofa, to be raised from the floor as auntie mops it ... the cat probably did not like the idea, and jumped down from the sofa, as weak as she is ... not too long after, when the cleaning begun, Mao probably senses the need to be on a raised surface, and came back to the sofa, where Mum carried her back up, and where she slept for the entire day!

It was only until the evening time, when Cindy returned, and whole we ate dinner, did she wobbly jumped off the sofa, and casually walked back to her box in the kitchen.

Time now is 12:13AM on a Tuesday morning, and Mao has decided to sleep in the bathroom, lying on the bare ceramic tiles ... not flinching as I pet her head, but not focusing as much either, choosing to literally looking away ... I think she is in pain, but she does not "meow" about it ... Mao is a strong cat, although sometimes a scaredy cat, but stubborn in her ways, and stoic in her decisions. I don't know what to do for her, except sayang her, before leaving her alone in her spot.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday August 28, 2016

"Why can't you leave me to my enjoyment, human?" #maolife #catlife

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Truth be told, I've since long forgo receiving any words of gratitude for my efforts - be it online or offline - but having the silly girl choose to sleep in the box I made her, leaves me with an overwhelming sense of achievement and that comforts me more than anything I'd imagine, actually. I've always felt "actions speak louder than words" and have tried to live my life as such, although ironically the past few years had been a constant struggle to be able to stab by such a notion with my constant lack of physical and financial ability, but this is what "life" has dealt me, and I will continue to life thru them, and relish whatever little joys that greet me - like seein the cat in a box this Sunday afternoon :) #maolife #catlife #henglife

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Her appetite ah, aiyoh! Constantly hungry, will eat almost anything but not necessarily finish everything ... as sickly as this silly girl is, she is also picky on what she eats, so there's no way to pull a quick one over her LOL



Friday August 26, 2016

This is the second visit to the vet this week, to give her a 5-minute IV Drip (which cost over $25 this visit), which is frankly doing her wonders. The vet had commented earlier during her first visit (on Wednesday) that she was "dry", and that we were to return every other 2 days to give her the IV Drip treatment.

She had been pretty grumpy this trip tho. Growling endlessly, very unhappy indeed. She even pissed the table top where she was out on for her IV Drip treatment. No doubt scared as well, but it was a 5-minuter and off we go!

I've haven't been able to grab her, as I have physical problem with bending down on my knees, so Mum has been catching her since Wed, without issue ... but today, since she's gotten a bit feistier and more energy, she nearly bit mum too! Looks like next Monday/Tuesday's IV session might be a challenge :(

She seems to be more awake, and as well energy level higher ever so slightly, and am getting her appetite back, quite ravenously so too! Must be the canned liver food / feed gotten from the vets! Regretted I did not getting more cans (two cans lasted 2-3 days only, oh gosh the hungry girl!).